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Behind the Scenes: What We Learned in our Moisturizer Study

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Over the last 8 months, we have tested several versions of our moisturizer with members of our AOLabs community. Our final study was done with 42 participants (62% women; 38% men) over the course of 2 weeks. Here’s what we learned:

It’s good for all skin types.
Most of our testers had ‘Dry’ (38%) or ‘Combination’ (45%) skin, and they responded similarly to the moisturizer. 2 out of every 3 people noticed an improvement in the look and feel of their affected areas when using the moisturizer.

Sensitive or problematic skin? Don’t worry.
You’re not alone. A whopping 69% of testers described their skin as sensitive or problematic. The good news? The moisturizer was compatible with their skin, and in fact 65% reported an improvement in those areas with the moisturizer and would recommend it to others with problematic skin. 

Most testers used the moisturizer once a day.
45% of testers found they only needed to use the product once a day, with 17% needing to use it twice a day. We thought this was a good representation of the hydrating nature of the product, considering the high number of testers with dry skin types.

Great for use on both the face and the body.
We created this moisturizer to be used as needed on areas that were experiencing dryness anywhere on the body. We were thrilled to find testers using it just that way! Most testers (86%) applied the moisturizer to their face/scalp. 74% used the moisturizer on their hands and/or feet. 26% used it on their torso.

Testers saw results in 2 weeks.
74% of testers said their skin got better within the two week trial period. 50% noticed an improvement in problem areas. 63% said they would recommend the moisturizer.

Curious? Give it a try yourself, and let us know what you think! Our biome-friendly moisturizer is now available for purchase ;)


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