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Earth Day Adventures in Santa Barbara

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Some of you SoCal mist-ers may have seen us sunning in Santa Barbara on April 16-17. We were lucky enough to spend the weekend at the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival, misting and meeting new people. For those of you who celebrated Earth Day elsewhere, you missed out on some Mist :P

Santa Barbara and the Birth of Earth Day

Santa Barbara saw the birth of Earth Day as a response to an environmental disaster. In 1969, an oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara caused so much devastation that it inspired a wave of environmentalism. After an estimated three million gallons of oil poured into the ocean, the news was filled with images of birds, seals, other animals, and beaches struggling to survive and recover. Locals and activists alike came together to help rehabilitate the area. Earth Day was founded to commemorate the event and maintain the spirit of community and environmentalism that grew in reaction to the spill.

Earth Day has roots in ocean conservation efforts. Learning about the difficulties Santa Barbara has faced made us even more excited about our campaign to support Conservation International's Save a Mile program.

Making New Friends

The festival was full of interesting people and exhibitors.We even met a misting pup, and one of our early adopters!

We set up shop in the Homegrown Roots section, where everyone was talking about good bacteria. One of our neighbors was the Santa Barbara Fermentation Festival. After having fun at the Boston Fermentation Festival this fall, we loved hearing about how Santa Barbara puts on their show.With a kombucha SCOBY petting zoo, they drew a big, curious crowd. To recharge after meeting the SCOBY, we grabbed a snack at Wildly Fermented who was serving up some fermented treats.


We made some new Insta friends with our new trade show special -- , snap a photo with the #dirtsquad for a free shampoo next time we're in town! Check out our tagged selfies on Instagram ;)

After a long day misting away, we were excited to hear from the founder of the 5Gyres Institute, Marcus Eriksen, who led the movement to ban microbeads in California. He received the Hero Award for his work, and is working to make similar changes on a broader scale.


We loved spending the weekend with people who are passionate about environmental health. Together we celebrated Earth Day by listening to music, sampling snacks, and of course, chatting about all things biome-friendly.

It was especially poignant being in California, where the drought is hitting so hard that the water fountains in the park were turned off. Everyone at the festival was doing their part to help keep Santa Barbara healthy -- using only reusable water containers, limiting their use of plastics, and composting their food waste. The naturally beautiful backdrop of the festival juxtaposed with the difficult environmental issues California is facing made our time at the festival all the more impactful.

We love being able to help mist-ers cut down on their products and water usage while supporting a healthy microbiome. Our time at Santa Barbara reminded us of how just a few people can come together and make a global impact, and we're glad to be a small part of the needed change.

We got camera-happy. Scroll through our photos if you're curious ;)





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