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How Does Nitric Oxide (NO) Boost Our Biome?

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Nitric Oxide is a key signaling and anti-inflammatory molecule that has been studied to determine its impact on a variety of health effects. It has been difficult to study because it is a gas and because it is naturally present in very low amounts that are difficult for modern instrumentation to detect. Thus far, it is most commonly associated with its impact in regulating blood flow, a finding that earned its discoverers a Nobel Prize in 1998.

NO can come from many sources. AOBiome believes that an important source of NO is Nitrosomonas, a beneficial bacteria that historically colonized human skin and constantly secreted low amounts of NO. However, since the advent of anionic surfactants (our modern soaps), these bacteria have been eradicated from our skin microbiome. As a consequence, we hypothesize that humans have become dermatologically and systemically NO-deprived. This deprivation results in a mildly pro-inflammatory state in which a number of our systemic NO-mediated regulatory mechanisms are out of balance.

Thus, as a crucial first step to skin health, AOBiome aims to re-introduce Nitrosomonas to our skin’s ecosystem in order to restore natural NO levels on the skin.

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