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How To Soak Up The Sun While Protecting Your Skin Microbiome

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Ah summertime - sunny days spent outside mean peak time for UV damage. We’ve all heard that UV damage is not good for us. Specifically, UV rays cause DNA damage to our skin cells. And knowing that, it won’t come as a surprise then that it also causes DNA damage to the microorganisms that exist alongside our skin cells. For this reason, most bacteria that exist on the skin are typically a little photosensitive. So how do we protect our skin microbiome that we’ve worked so hard to nurture?

Protecting Your AOB From the Sun

We take care to protect our skin from sunburn and sun damage; sunglasses, hats, slathering on sunscreen, and even lugging big beach umbrellas for our time lounging on the sand. But how do we keep our skin microbiome thriving when we’re layering on the SPF? Especially knowing that AOB - our favorite type of bacteria - is photosensitive.

The good news is, it’s easy! When we look at the areas of the body where the skin microbiome is most diverse and contains the highest population of microorganisms, not surprisingly these areas tend to be hidden away from the sun naturally. Think about your Mother Dirt AO+ Mist instructions - apply where to your sweatiest areas because that’s where your AOB thrive: the scalp, underarms, palms of hands, soles of feet, privates.

And the same sun safety rules apply for the areas of your skin that are openly exposed to the sun that you would normally do in your regular sun protection routine. Here’s a few additional tips to make sure you’ve got yourself covered.

Healthy Summer Skin Microbiome Tips

  • Embrace the sweat - Sweat is not bad. It’s keeping you cool, and helping your body detox.
  • Choose sunscreen wisely - Choose sunscreens based in Titanium Oxide or Zinc Oxide.
  • Remove the sunscreen thoroughly - The residue of sunscreens can really stick, make sure you rinse at the end of the day or after exposure.
  • Wash off that chlorine - Just like we want to wash off sunscreen completely, you want to rinse any chlorine or residue from those pools completely.
  • Bask in the salt water/ocean - The ocean is good for you. Let the salt do it’s thing on your skin. Ocean hair don’t care!
  • Try and test the moisturizer boundaries - You’re sweating more, see if you need less moisturizer
  • Take off your shoes - Get those feet dirty! Feel the cool dirt, warm sand, grass between your toes.
  • And of course, keep misting - More sweat equals more food for those AOB. They love it!

The bottom line here is that natural daily exposure to the sun is not going to wreak havoc on your microbiome. Relax, have fun, and soak up your daily dose of Vitamin D the way you normally would! And treat yourself to a little extra misting and make the most of your sun-induced sweat!

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