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Real Routines Spotlight: Julie Wright

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We first met Julie Wright after she heard about Mother Dirt through the NY Times article, "My No-Soap, No-Shampoo, Bacteria-Rich Hygiene Experiment." There was an instant connection because in short, Julie is the sweetest badass you'll ever meet. A literal powerhouse, Julie's been a big player in the national Cyclocross scene for a long time as a member of Team Averica. 

Check out her Instagram to see pics of her in action and read our quick Q & A with her below, and you'll quickly see why Julie is someone we love. 

Walk us through your daily skincare routine and how Mother Dirt fits into it.

I've tried so many times to have a daily routine for my skin. But nothing has stuck, except for the Mother Dirt's AO+ Mist! Every morning when I open my fridge to make breakfast, I pull out the Mist! I also try to spritz myself with it before I head out for my ride each day. 

How do you interpret "less is more?" Are there any other ways this philosophy plays into your life? 

Quality over quantity! This year especially, I've tried to slow down and do less. But my goal has been to not only do less, but do what I do with more purpose and thought. It's enabled me to spend more quality time with the people who are most important to me. I also moved and in doing so gave away a lot of things that I didn't use regularly and took up space. Now that they're gone, I've realized how much space I have to do yoga in my apartment! :) Jokes aside, having fewer things has meant that I have more clarity about what's important to me.

Do you have any other "unconventional" personal care or lifestyle habits?

I have bee pollen every day and I love tea, so I have multiple cups per day. I try to do things that naturally fit into my life - I  have a wobble board that I use when I'm on conference calls (I work from home and don't do video chat), so I get practice my balance and do core work easily.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Not sure I can choose just one! My dad used to run marathons, so most of our family vacations revolved around that. We'd travel to where ever his races were and camp for a few days before and after. I have tons of good memories exploring with my brother and sister on foot, bikes or in the canoe.

Why do you feel it's importat to connect with nature?

There's something really unique about the feeling I get when I'm outside, whether it's riding my bike down an empty dirt road, running my favorite single track, or swimming in a lake. It brings me back to reality, to what's immediately in front of me. I find it really grounding.

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