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Some of Mother Dirt’s Bottles Just Got A Big Size Upgrade - Here’s Why.

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We’re changing for the better, and your feedback had a lot to do with it. As you might know, we just celebrated our second birthday. In other words, we’re due for a growth spurt.

This change is manifesting in our brand new,family-sized bottles. We’ve toyed with the idea of offering different sizes, but in biome-friendly formulation and manufacturing, these decisions are more significant than you may think. When you echoed our thoughts, the decision became a whole lot easier. So we’re happy to announce that Mother Dirt Shampoo and Cleanser will now be available in 200ml containers—double the capacity of our original 3.4 fl oz bottles. And don’t worry—at $23 a pop, it’s not double the price! ;-)

We’re not just here to announce our new family sizes, but to thank you for writing us to share all of the experiences that helped us get here:

  • “I can't imagine ever being without the 3 products. The only thing I would change is the size of the shampoo. I may be using too much at a time but I have almost gone through the bottle in a short time.”

  • “The shampoo could also be larger to account for folks with thicker hair.”

  • “Do you have any plans to offer a larger pump container for your soaps in particular? It disappears so quickly in a household with many users. I understand the hesitation may be with the ‘use within x weeks after opening’ aspect in mind, but I am so bummed to replace one hunk of plastic plus lid for another well within the suggested time period. I am confident that the contents of a larger bottle would too be enjoyed by that time limit.”

When it all shakes out, 1) larger bottles decrease plastic and shipping waste and 2) a slower turnaround time with your products means less of a mental and financial burden on our users.

Our company is in its toddler phase, and we see these expansions and improvements as part of our natural growth. This is why your feedback is so integral to our thought processes—they help us prioritize certain to-dos and reassure us that we’re heading in the right direction.

Thus, our bigger bottles were born. We think you’ll really like them. Thank you as always for your input and your patience.  

Have anything else you think we should be setting sights on next? Tell us in the comments below!


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